A Dance With the Butterflies

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our Monarch Project

What an amazing season it's been for us,too. I am so glad we can still share our experiences here!
My co-worker and I took a wonderful three day workshop called "Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies from the Monarch Teachers Network. We also particpated in the Symbolic Migration and the children have raised over 50 Monarchs from eggs which were found in our own garden !
We learned how to tag them( It doesn't hurt them or interfere with flight at all) to help the scientists at Monarch Watch track their migration to Mexico.How remarkable it would be to hear that one of "our " butterflies made the trip safely.
The children released the last butterfly a few weeks ago and are already talking about the spring. (Plant milkweed,ladies.. and they WILL come. :)) I posted some photo's on Flkr..but my skills are rusty.. because I can't find them.. but I'll keep trying.
I hope everyone will enjoy nature in all it's glory in every season.
Oh, and I like all of these suggestions from NABA for what a "flock of butterflies" should be called. :)

Tagged for the trip

Tagged for the trip
Originally uploaded by Hope8.

Our summer-fall Monarch Butterfly season has been amazing!
we were able to tag over fifty that we raised from eggs for the trip south~

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Journey South

Hi to all,
Hope the school year is going well.

Our class was participating in one of Marci McGowan's amazing Internet projects, Autumn Across America. We had been thinking about Autumn in Arlington, Massachusetts, our community, when something incredible happened!

One of my students counted over 280 monarch butterflies flying over our own Peirce School playground after school. In investigating their migration, I found a fabulous project through Journey North, entitled Symbolic Migration.

This beautiful butterfly is by Jamie and it's on its way to Mexico!! To see all the children's work go here: http://geocities.com/ljacoby_2000/monarchs.html and to view all our work for the project, see: http://geocities.com/ljacoby_2000/aaa.html. You'll find links to information on Symbolic Migration on this page, as well.